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I’ve been hearing since shortly after graduation, about the need for leadership in nursing.  It was just one of those concepts left on the back burner for a long time while I a) found a way to survive after ending a relationship and b) increased confidence in my nursing practice.  I’ve been at the same job for about 3 years now.  It’s been long enough to understand and see the real need for leadership in nursing. 

I have made various attempts to implement change in my workplace.  One thing I learned from my excellent nursing teachers was to question the hegemony.  Question the way things are done.  Question why we do what we do throughout our shifts.  Is there a better way to do this?  Is it even necessary?  Is there a way to use our precious time resource more efficiently?  Good philosophy not just for nursing, but for life.  To that I’d add, ask better questions.

After a number of frustrating attempts to implement change, I wondered if I was going about it wrong.  Was I even in a position to implement change in my workplace?  Strangely, I had been waiting for our new nurse leader to arrive on the scene to make things better.  I would discover, once again, the Universe will give you direction if you open your eyes to see. 

Leadership in nursing has been more intensely on my mind for a number of months now.  Before the position of Nurse Leader had been filled, I wondered if I would be capable of filling the roll.  What would it take to be an effective nurse leader?  As I continued with my day to day practice, I just kept observing where and when I may be in a position of leadership.  Where and when could I be influential in my practice, to effectively lead other staff members towards a greater vision than present practice?  What would I have to change about myself to be capable of truly leading in an effective manner?  

Ask and it is given, it is said.  I was ‘given’ a situation at work where I ran into conflict with an LPN.  I believer her opinion was that I was not doing my job right.  I chose to remain neutral rather than become defensive.  I knew enough to at least do that.  Do no harm, right?  I’m not even going to write about she said/I said.  That’s not the point.  We live in a benevolent Universe.  Along with this difficult-at-the-time situation, I was gifted with a solution as well.  The library called.  They had a book for me.   Lance Secretan’s book, One – The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership

I’ll write more about what I’m learning, but suffice to say, I have already learned some very helpful principles to implement into my practice. 


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