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Finding Focus

I spent the weekend taking a work-related course.  Our organization is in the process of implementing an assessment tool that will have far-reaching implications.  It will FINALLY utilize technology to capture the true picture of the workload we endure.  This post isn’t so much about the course, but about change and how we crazily resist it so.

I was not one of the first of our workplace to take the training.  I went into the first session with thoughts on my mind that were shared by those who went before me.  I wouldn’t say my attitude was tainted because I know better than to go in with a bad attitude.  I’m the kind of person who does her best to make up her mind for herself.  Some of my coworkers made comments to me like, “I don’t know how they expect us to have any time for all of this!”  There were variations on the wording, but the sentiment remained the same. 

All along, we have wanted improvement in our workplace.  We want to be recognized for our hard work.  We want improved patient care.  We want our employer to understand what we are dealing with in our day to day care of the elderly.  This assessment tool will do all of that.  It is comprehensive.  There are codes for every possible combination of events that occurs for the resident.  These codes are put into an algorithym, to the national level, and boom! we receive feedback that yes, this is in fact what you are dealing with, compared to so many months ago, compared to the other cottages, compared to other facilities, compared to other provinces, etc.  It is what we wanted and needed.

And still, people complain.  People find some way to keep the suffering going.  It’s almost as if they subconsciously say, “If you take away my need to complain about the workload, what will I complain about?”  Ah, but there will always be something to complain about.  That is, until they realize the negative effects of complaining.  And it takes time to realize how detrimental a negative attitude.

It takes a certain way of being to give up complaining.  It takes accepting responsibility for your life in a very comprehensive manner.  And this takes time, too.  Time and encouragement from others who are well on their way to mastering this new way of being.  It all begins with a desire to let go of complaining.  To sacrifice our suffering. 


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