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Over the past few years, I have learned to pay attention to things, signs, indications, that come my way.  Today I discovered another fork in this amazing road I travel. 

Check out this site:  www.healingpainting.com .  Take the time to view the media presentation.  I checked out Aimee’s site further and found something she wrote about those of us attracted to the healing arts.  She said,

“I am hearing that those of us who end up in the healing arts have caused A LOT of pain over the course of our many incarnations. We are attracted to the field to give ourselves the opportunity to clean it up; harsh, but at least there is a simple powerful tool for making it right. You don’t focus on the outcome, because we’re not in charge of that. When it doesn’t look like its working realize there could be many painful memories or a lot of past history the problem. Just keep cleaning.” ~ Aimee Rousseau

 Don’t be shocked at this.  Well, be shocked if you must, but then get over it.  There is work to do.  There is a planet to heal.  Discovering this has shifted something within.  I don’t know if it was seeing Aimee’s paintings, because I have rolled around the idea of painting in my mind for some time.  It may have been her story of the healing hands.  I too have been told I have a wonderful touch, etc.  I have also been drawn to the idea of using my touch consciously as a healing modality.  Sure, I use it every day in caring for our long term care residents, but I think there is something more to be doing.

I don’t see me staying in this kind of nursing forever.  It limits me for who I am.  There is a greater expression of who I am and I want to be living who I am all the time, not just as a hobby, not just as an interest outside of what I do for a living.  I seek authenticity,  I seek congruence.  

Be Well.


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